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        As you navigate PBS LearningMedia it's possible you may stumble upon some glitches. This section is intended to help you through those glitches and get you back to work as soon as possible.   If you do not see a solution to your problem here, please email and include the error message and the page URL (i.e.…) in the message as well as the browser you are using. 

        Favorites and Shareable Folders
        Web Browsers

        Favorites and Shareable Folders

        I cannot favorite resources.  Why?

        You can only favorite resources when you are logged in.  If you are not logged in, you will not see the option to favorite resources.

        I am trying to reorder my favorites by dragging them but it is not working.

        Favorites can only be reordered within custom folders.  You cannot rearrange favorites in the main Favorites section; you must click on a folder that you have created.  From your custom folders you can click on the left grey patterned edge of any resource and drag it to another space within the list of resources. Learn how to rearrange favorites

        I cannot add selected Favorites to a folder.

        Be sure you have created folders first.  You cannot add Favorites to folders until the folders have been created. Learn how to create shareable folders


        I chose a background for my Storyboard but I've decided I don't want to use one. How do I get rid of the background?

        Once you have selected a background you cannot delete it. In the future we will be offering a white background that will simulate having no background. Currently, you must simply select another background option.

        I was sent a storyboard but some of the videos are not showing up. Why?

        If you have checked to make sure there is nothing wrong with the PBS LearningMedia website, it could be because some premium and local content is restricted and only users with premium or local access can see it. You can see about raising your level of access or ask the storyboard creator to create a storyboard using only content that can be viewed by everyone.

        Web browsers

        Content on webpages is jumbled, nothing happens when clicking on a button, etc. The browser may be outdated. Update to one of the following supported browsers: Internet Explorer 9.0+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 5.0+, Chrome 4.0.
        Nothing happens when I click on a resource to view it. Pop-up window blocker is enabled. Disable your pop-up blocker setting. Please consult your browser help to confirm or change this setting.
        The page doesn’t load; the loading wheel continues to spin. JavaScript is disabled. Enable JavaScript. Please consult your browser help to confirm or change this setting.
        I received a firewall error message. A security program prevents a connection with PBS LearningMedia. Change settings with the options section of your Anti-virus, firewall, and/or Internet security software to allow connectivity. Contact your IT department.

        Browser Error Messages

        HTTP 400 - Bad request. The server cannot or will not process the request due to something that is perceived to be a client error (e.g., malformed request syntax, invalid request message framing, or deceptive request routing). Make sure the URL is correct and try again. If the URL is correct and it's still not showing up, there may be something wrong with the resource. In this case, contact PBS.
        HTTP 403 - Forbidden Your web browser is able to connect to the server, but the server declined to allow the requested access. Contact your school's network administrator.
        HTTP 404 - The webpage cannot be found Your web browser is able to connect to the website, but the webpage is not found. This error is sometimes caused by the webpage being temporarily unavailable or because the webpage has been deleted. Try again later. Check to be sure you have a correct address and that it's spelled correctly. If it's a link, it could be out of date and no longer available on the website. If the URL is correct and and updated but still not showing up, there may be something wrong with the resource. In this case, contact PBS.
        HTTP 410 - That webpage no longer exists Your web browser is able to connect to the website, but the webpage cannot be found. Check to be sure you have a correct address.
        HTTP 500 - The website cannot display the page There is a server problem that prevented the webpage from displaying. This may occur as a result of website maintenance or because of an internal website malfunction. If you encounter this error, please report it at


        Video and/or audio is not working properly. The version of Adobe Flash Player may be outdated. Update to the latest version of Adobe Flash. Download now
        Windows Media Player generates unknown errors. An error occurs when another program or operating system component that is used by the Player encounters a problem, but doesn't communicate the nature of the problem to the Player. Terminate all other applications running. If this does not resolve the error, ensure that Windows Media Player is fully updated.

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